As bookkeepers and business owners we've developed a deep understanding of how to make businesses easier to run and more profitable.

It all began some years ago when founder Glenn Talbot was in business for himself but often found himself wishing he had someone to coach him through the challenges of starting and growing a business. It was this experience that gave Glenn the purpose & drive to found GTS with the goal to help other businesses succeed through a greater understanding of what forces are driving and impacting on their business. 

As a result you will make informed decisions about your business and together we can celebrate the freedom and success that comes with greater knowledge.

About Glenn

Glenn is an experienced manager with broad knowledge in all aspects of accounting, lending and financial management, having direct experience with companies involved in the construction, lending, transport and logistics and retail sectors. You'll find the advice you get from Glenn is commercially savvy and grounded in the reality of what it takes to run a small business in today's challenging environment.